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Our Programs​

are designed to emphasize teaching developmentally appropriate skills in the areas of language and communication, play and leisure, social relationships, self-help, and safety awareness.  All programs are developed on the premise that each person is an individual with a unique set of needs. 
Early Explorers 
Focuses on children who are not ready for the traditional full time school setting and are just starting to explore the world around them outside of the home environment.  A heavy emphasis is placed on targeting skills such as gestures, joint attention and imitation to promote the acquisition of speech and language.  We take  a developmentally appropriate approach with our youngest learners by embedding play in our teaching practices. 


Young Adventurers

Welcomes children who are attending school and need additional support in the home and the community.  The focus is on individualized goals in the areas of speech, language and communication, social reciprocity, and play. We embed skills within functional routines and developmentally appropriate  activities to promote learning in a positive and productive way. 
World Navigators 

Focuses on pre-teens and teens who are navigating the world around them, but still require support.  A special emphasis is placed on social relationships, safety awareness, community interactions, leisure skills, and other individualized skills that promote a positive and fulfilling lifestyle.

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